Until the whole world hears


Creatively working to advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ until the whole world hears.

Myself along with wife Julianna and our four children.

Myself along with wife Julianna and our four children.


Kyle Patterson

When I was 17 years old I met Jesus Christ and dedicated the rest of my life to follow and serve him. I thought that meant immediately leading a church or going to the mission field, but three years later in 2003, God made it clear to me that he wanted me to use media to glorify him and spread the gospel. Soon after hearing this from the Lord, my wife and I began a publishing ministry called THRiVE! in which we published dozens of magazines, newspapers, and digital publications with the goal of evangelizing our city. We partnered with hundreds of churches and ministries to make it possible and by God’s grace we made a big impact, united churches, and saw many people come to Christ.

I then took that experience and applied what I learned to help other ministries and churches succeed online and in the digital media space. I created websites, apps, podcasts, digital newspapers, and social media design to communicate the Gospel in today’s language. I became a Google partner and was certified in Adwords and Analytics, as well as Hubspot Inbound Marketing. I worked with numerous ministries, developing their media, writing press releases, creating apps, creating email marketing campaigns, and running their advertising budget. We used every way possible to get the Gospel of Jesus Christ out to as many people as possible.

I’d love to talk about how we can partner together to fulfill the Great Commission through media today.